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What Should I Eat?


Just Eat a Small Burger! :)

So what are you eating?

What are you going to eat in order to lose weight?


I can tell you that ‘what’ you eat doesn’t matter nearly as much as ‘how much’ you eat!


You and I can overeat on so called ‘healthy foods’ just as much as we can overeat on junk foods.


This is one of the biggest mistakes I’ve seen past venus’s make before they finally started to figure out why they weren’t losing weight.


Some of them had nuts and seeds labelled in the mind as ‘healthy’ so they ate as much of them as they liked. This is never going to work for weight loss considering nuts and seeds are the highest calorie foods you could possibly eat.


Just a few handfuls of nuts would likely satisfy the daily calorie requirement for most women…but it certainly wont’ satisfy your daily hunger.


There is something called the health halo effect of so called ‘healthy foods’. Research shows that if you believe a food is ‘healthy’ you will likely guess it has less calories than it really does.


Likewise most people will guess that so called ‘unhealthy’ foods have more calories than they really do.


The point is to forget about what you think is a ‘healthy’ or ‘unhealthy’ food and start focusing on how many calories are in that food.


If you expect your weight loss to be successful you better get your calories in order and start paying attention to how much you’re really eating…this goes for any and all foods including the ones you believe to be ‘healthy’.


In many cases the ‘healthy’ food options people choose have just as many calories as something else that they could have eaten (and perhaps enjoyed a little more too).


Don’t allow yourself to be distracted by health claims or ideas of what is healthy or not.


For weight loss, calories are all that matters. If you eat too many of them, you will NEVER…EVER lose weight. It does not matter where those calories come from.


Remember, If you eat less calories than you burn off you can eat whatever you want and still lose weight!


If you don’t believe me you can ask any and all of the venus’s who have won our previous contests and they’ll tell you the truth. This is how I lost all my weight, and it’s how all of the venus’s in the community have lost theirs.


I’ve never once told them what to eat, only how much. They all chose their own foods to use with our program and they all had success.


So the answer to the question “What should I eat” is simple: Whatever you like, as long as it’s not too much.


Next we’ll talk about thinking in terms of ‘good’ vs ‘bad’ food and why it will sabotage your ability to lose weight.


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