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The Venus Factor System

Information about the Venus Factor System and how it can be used to give women specific weight loss goals instead of working aimlessly without any goals.

What Is The 12 Week Workout Plan?

Venus Factor Workout Plan

THE VENUS FACTOR  12 WEEK WORKOUT PLAN   The Venus Factor 12 Week Workout Plan, part 2 or the Venus Factor Fat Loss Plan, is designed to tone and strengthen your muscles. This workout is the key to maximum fat loss when following your caloric, fat, protein, and carb recommended guidelines. The program is  made up of 3 scheduled strength training workouts per week for a total of 12 ... Read Full Story

What Is The Venus Factor 12 Week Fat Loss Plan?

Main Product Manual

The Venus Factor 12 WeekFat Loss System comes complete with a fat-burning nutrition plan, 12 week workout routine, access to the Venus Factor Community, as well as access to the Venus Factor Podcasts, which allow you to get insight into the lives of past successful Venuses while also offering you the encouragement and know-how to achieve your own Venus Factor success story. This system includes ... Read Full Story

What Is The Venus Community?


What Is The Venus Community? The Venus Community is part of the Venus Factor 12 Week Fat Loss Program. It is a group of women that are currently using one of the Venus Factor Systems, who are able to encourage other members on their Venus journey as well as help with answering any of the questions you may have. Although the community is geared towards encouraging you to reach your weight ... Read Full Story

What Is The Virtual Nutritionist & How Does It Work?


The Virtual Nutritionist....What Is It?   The Virtual Nutritionist is the 12-week diet protocol designed to put your body through different phases of eating in order to increase your metabolic flexibility and get you to burn fat faster. Metabolic flexibility means your body will be better at burning both fats and carbohydrates as well as better able to utilize protein for muscle repair ... Read Full Story

What is The Venus Factor System?


    Venus Factor Product Description (cont.) Getting in shape, or rather, changing the size and shape of your body is a two part process.         Part 1: Weight Loss and Fat Removal This part is almost entirely dictated by your nutrition and diet. You can lose all the weight and fat that you want if you have the right dietary approach. This ... Read Full Story