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What Is The Virtual Nutritionist & How Does It Work?

The Virtual Nutritionist….What Is It?


The Virtual Nutritionist is the 12-week diet protocol designed to put your body through different phases of eating in order to increase your metabolic flexibility and get you to burn fat faster. Metabolic flexibility means your body will be better at burning both fats and carbohydrates as well as better able to utilize protein for muscle repair and maintenance. It also means you can burn fat faster during a workout and strip off more body fat faster than someone who is metabolically inflexible.


Your metabolism will adapt based on the food you eat, how much of it you eat, and how much body fat you’re carrying. As you lose body fat and weight, your metabolic flexibility will improve and the fat burning process will accelerate. This will allow you to incorporate foods into your diet that you couldn’t previously because they seemed to cause weight gain. Your daily calorie and protein recommendations as well as your key Venus Index metrics will be given to you by the Venus Factor Virtual Nutritionist.


How Do I Use It?!


The Virtual Nutritionist will give you recommendations for your calorie and protein intake for the day as well as your ideal Venus Factor metrics to aim for. Your specific waist, shoulder, and hip measurements are collectively known as your Venus Index. You’ll use the nutrition calculator once per week to determine your daily calorie needs for fat loss as well as the calories needed to maintain your weight. This is your daily calorie deficit number.


Maintenance calories are the number of calories you will be able to consume on your ‘eat up’ days. This is an estimate of the calories you need to maintain you current body weight without gaining or losing weight. This is also the daily calories you will be eating to reset your system after eating at your deficit fat loss numbers.


On the Venus Factor 12 Week Fat Loss System, the 12 week diet protocol will switch up every two weeks allowing you to increase metabolic flexibility. For the first two weeks, you will eat five days in your deficit calorie range and then on the sixth day, you will eat up to your maintenance calories. Following the next two weeks’ protocol, your ‘eat up’ days will shorten to every third day. You will eat within your deficit calorie range for two days and eat up to your maintenance calories on the third day focusing on consuming healthy fat sources such as avocado,coconut oil, higher fat meat cuts, and full-fat yogurt.


Your goal on each higher fat ‘eat up’ day is to hit your maintenance calorie total with a higher content of fat and also hitting your recommended daily protein total. The amount of extra fat you add to your diet is the caloric difference between your deficit or weight loss calories and your maintenance calories for the day.


After your two weeks are up following this plan, you will go back to the five to one days where you eat at your deficit calorie range and then eat up to your maintenance calories for the sixth day. This will be followed for two weeks, then you will do another two to one day, but this time you will focus on protein teaching your body to become more efficient at utilizing protein for muscle repair and recovery. The amount of protein you add to your diet on the third day should be approximately 50% of the caloric difference between your deficit and maintenance calories.


Then following this two weeks, you’ll be back to the five to one protocol for two weeks. For the following two weeks, you will be teaching your body to become more efficient at burning carbohydrates. This phase is specifically designed to appear as the final two weeks as you should be significantly leaner with less body fat and able to handle more carbs. You will follow the calorie recommendation for weight loss for two days then eat up maintenance specifically adding carbs every third day. The amount of extra calories you add should make up the difference in calories between you deficit calories per day and your maintenance calories. You can choose any carbohydrate source you wish for your eat up days.


My Thoughts On It…


So far I have been on this program for almost two weeks and it is a bit of a learning curve for me because I have never really tracked my calories that often or paid any attention to how much protein I was consuming. I just kind of always guesstimated when it came to calories. It’s a bit frustrating though to see how many calories I was really eating before, so I know this nutrition tracker will keep me on track in just keeping me aware of how many calories I am consuming. I now know that the amount of calories I consume is ultimately more important than the amount of exercise I do. So I am going to stick to this whole new way of eating in hopes of allowing my body to burn more fat so that I will be able to see the results I am hoping for ( flat stomach, toned arms, lifted butt!! ).


I hope I was able to give you a pretty good idea of what the Virtual Nutritionist is and how it works. If you have any questions or would just like to add something, feel free to leave comment or contact me personally. Thank you so much for taking time to read this post! Have a wonderful and blessed day.

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  1. Ok, so heres the issue. I am a 34 year old stay at home mom of 4. Ive been overweight and battleing it my whole life and now have in recent months gotten psychitica degenerative disc desice 2 hernaiated discs and arthritis in my neck. I work out 3 times a day for half an hour to an hour I take in on average 900 to 1000 calories a day n burn about 2000 all my food is organic from the family farm and the local meat farmer/processor. I use very little fats to cook with. With the exception of not having $300 to spend on a work out video and taking an herbal supplement that u simply can not find in the area I live in I was already doing all of what this program calls for. So now what???? My doc wont help me and ive tried all I can. I know this exasses weight isn good on my back and neck and am desperate to have it gone for my overall health. No other reason. So please someone anyone help?????

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