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What is The Venus Factor System?


Venus Factor Product Description (cont.)

Getting in shape, or rather, changing the size and shape of your body is a two part process.


Part 1: Weight Loss and Fat Removal

This part is almost entirely dictated by your nutrition and diet. You can lose all the weight and fat that you want if you have the right dietary approach. This system provides that dietary approach not only to lose the fat but also to keep it off. This second point about ‘keeping it off’ cannot be stressed enough.


Many different diet programs can cause temporary weight loss. However the methods of most diets is to ‘crash’ you into the weight loss, putting your hormonal, psychological, and physical systems out of balance which leads to a stalling of weight loss and eventual rebound weight gain. This weight regain
pushes your system even further out of balance.


We’ve studied this problem and developed a solution that allows for weight loss without crashing and most importantly without the rebound weight gain. This system should be the last one you ever need as it’s designed to produce as close to permanent weight loss as possible.


Part 2: Body and Muscle Shaping and Toning

You have a unique body structure and shape that is largely determined by two factors:

  • The location and amount of fat you have on your body
  • The shape and size of your muscles

And, while it is true that much of your natural shape comes from your genetics much of the way you store fat and build muscle is within your control.


We’ve already discussed that the diet portion of this system will be used to remove the fat off of your body (nutrition and diet component). The second part of this system is how you can change the shape of your body by changing the shape and tone of your muscles (workout component).


Some people will remove the fat from their body and be perfectly happy with the natural shape and tone of their muscles and will not want to, or need to do any exercising for muscle tone or shape. In my experience this is less common as most women want to work on certain areas of their body.


This information comes directly from the: Venus Factor 12 Week Fat Loss System PDF 

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