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Getting back to The Basics of Weight Loss

lose_weight_no_fad_dietThere is so much diet and fitness misinformation in the web-o-sphere that it’s difficult to know what advice is worth listening to and what isn’t. Most diet theories at first glance sound plausible and it’s easy to start worrying that you’re not doing the right thing.

In fact you could spend hours every day reading different diet theories and end up feeling totally hopeless and powerless to act on any of them.

In all the time I have spent teaching women how to lose weight and get in shape the most consistent stumbling block has been the tendency to overcomplicate things, but this is hardly their fault. It is primarily due to all the misinformation that is out there.

— John Barban

The truth is weight loss is a simple process. It requires a energy deficit (less calories consumed than burned). There are a few things you need to do in order to make the process work but it’s not complicated.
So today we will remind ourselves to get back to basics.
Basic #1:
We need to eat fewer calories than we burn for weight loss. If you don’t get this part done then nothing else matters. Eating all the ‘healthy’ food, and doing ‘cleanses’ and all of that other stuff won’t do anything for weight loss. The key is find a way to eat fewer total calories.
(The Venus Factor Virtual Nutritionist program will give you the calories you need to lose weight on a weekly basis without crashing, so we already have you covered on this one)
Basic #2:
Move. We’re built to move, and in modern society we do far too little activity. I don’t care if you just start by going for a 5 min walk every other day. More movement is better. You gotta move.
(You’ve got a 12-week workout program at your disposal whenever you want to start so we got you covered on this one too)
Basic #3:
Patience. You’ll find that you have a limit to how hard you can push your body (we all do). If you try to push too hard you’ll drive yourself to an inevitable crash and rebound weight gain will result. For this reason you need to accept the pace that the weight will come off of your body and have the patience to see the process through at it’s own speed.
This one is all you. I know the idea of having patience for weight loss sucks because we all want the weight to be gone yesterday, but there is only so much you can do in one day.
Losing weight and getting in shape definitely takes some effort, but it shouldn’t take over your life. It only feels that way when you try to do too much too fast. You should still have the ability and freedom to enjoy social events and eat any and all foods you love on a regular basis and still lose weight.
If you feel like you’re living an isolated and highly restrictive life in order to lose weight then you’re likely pushing too hard and taking it too far…and this is rooted in a lack of patience.
You must approach the process of weight loss with a mindset of balance, this stems from hitting the 3 basics, eat less, move more, and have patience to let the process unfold at it’s natural pace.
In the coming days I’ll address some of the most misunderstood points of diet including:
  1. Macronutrients (carbs, protein, fat)
  2. Good vs Bad foods and how it’s a false dichotomy
  3. How often you should check your measurements and weight (if at all)
  4. Gender differences in diet and metabolism – sometimes you and me just can’t do the same things
  5. Cardio – should you do it and when
  6. Metabolic slow down – does it happen, if so how?
  7. Goal Hijacking – how many trainers and fitness ‘experts’ steer you away from your original goal
  8. Supplements – can/should I take them, if so which ones and what can they do?
  9. and all kinds of other things I’ve learned for working with past successful venus’s.
For now remind yourself that it’s the 3 basics that form the foundation of a weight loss program that will be successful at both taking the weight off and most importantly keeping it off for good.
Most of this information was created by John Barban

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